H7 Virtual Meetings

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1. "B2BV" is our weekly networking meetings for B2B professionals only. H7 defines B2B as B2B professionals' clearly focused on marketing to "other businesses". There are members in this program from 42 states and 10 countries.
2. Health and Wellness or Root or Tech Corner or Flex are Specialty Groups and included with the H7 Standard Membership. These meetings are designed for the member to access more value for their membership. Health and Wellness is for the health and wellness professional. Root is faith-based. Flex is a meeting that has a presenter on a specific topic. Tech Corner is a meeting where you can take your technical questions about CRMs, LinkedIn, Tik-Tok for Business, and more.
3. B2BV plus State or Metro Area meetings. These networking meetings are operating in those states/areas and the Leadership team is located there.
4. B2BV plus Target Market. You must qualify for admittance into these meetings.