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An H7 Membership can help you grow your business by word-of-mouth more predictably. Our proven, proprietary methods (TRACS System©, our Meeting Structure, and Culture) support you when creating Champions for your business. Champions sell you, not your product or service for you©. H7 Network offers training and support, along with networking meetings In-Person & Virtual, designed to help business professionals & entrepreneurs find Champions for themselves and work together to Fill their Pipeline and do it with the support of others. An "H7 Network" can instigate growth via word of mouth like no other organization.

Visiting a meeting is free and a great way to see a Virtual or In-Person meeting in action.

Our Vision

Globally revolutionize the way business professionals Connect first, Serve with purpose, and Ask of their peers. Provide unmatched training for relationship building with a highly integrated infrastructure that accelerates word of mouth marketing. Empower members with infinite connections & opportunities using state of the art client resource management technology.

A Nationwide Network

Providing our members an infrastructure for building and maintaining Champions for their business is what we're all about. Your H7 Membership is designed to help you develop Champions forever through our core philosophy - Connect, Serve, and Ask©.

Each member of your new network contributes to our culture of Connect, Serve, and Ask. Everyone knows why we're all here. Help you with your success and ask for help from you to theirs. Now more than ever, building and maintaining Champions for your business is critical to business success.

What is H7 Network?

H7 Network allows its members to develop and maintain professional and profitable relationships with other members and guests in the community through business development, mentorship, and word of mouth marketing.

Business Growth

Our proven, proprietary methods (TRACS System©, Champion Training©, 7 Habits to Faster Word of Mouth Marketing©, CSA Certification©, FUEL Orientation©) support you when creating Champions for your business.


Champions sell you, not your product or service for you©. Champions are the cornerstone to your success with predictable referrals. Word of Mouth Marketing can be the hardest form of marketing to predict. We fix that.

Practical Techniques

Build your skills and confidence through access to exclusive, time-tested proprietary methods and our proprietary training library to support your journey to building Champions for yourself. You will have the power of a supportive community to help you take your word of mouth marketing to the next level and make it much more predictable. 


Whether you're looking for in-person networking or virtual networking, H7 Network offers a variety of meetings for both B2C and B2B businesses.


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